He Was The Man Of The Match Manchester United Fans Congratulates The Following player


Manchester united on Sunday ,showed a brilliant performance Against their derby team Manchester city.During the first minutes of the game , Manchester United got a penalty kick .This is after Anthony Martial was pushed by one of the Manchester city defender.

Bruno fernandes scored a penalty , therefore giving a chance for the red devil's to led the goals.However Manchester United had pressure of the game during first half.

Manchester city tried their best, to come back for the goals but all was in vain.They had a good chance to score in the first half ,but they failed to score.

Manchester united fans have rejoiced for the good performance of the left back defender Luke Shaw.This player has helped Manchester United to secure the three away points,after he scored a brilliant goal.and Aslo he has helped Manchester to attain 22 away games unbeaten.

Now Manchester United are in the second position with 54 points ,while Manchester city have retained only their 65 points.

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