'Shock After a Girl Who Scored 321 Marks is Married Off by Her Mum After She Was Unable to Pay Fees

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14-year-old girl fro Busia County, who scored 321 marks was rescued by area chief after her mother married her off after she was unable to pay for her school fees.

According to the girl, her mother had tried all the ways so that she could attend school but she ended up marrying her off where she stayed with the man for one week.

According to area chief, she was alarted by the villagers and she immediately rushed to the of the suspect and rescued the girl.

She also alarted the police officers who arrived at the scene immediately and arrested the suspect for marrying an underage child.

This comes when cases of pupils who completed their class eights who have been forced to drop out of school due to lack of school fees are reported each and every day.

The suspect was taken to a local police station where he is awaiting to be arraigned in court.


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