Top 100 Zulu, Swati and sotho wedding of the year (the best dresses) south africa

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My top five best wedding pictures of the year

The traditional Zulu wedding is calledumabo. When a Zulu girl informs her father that she's ready to get married, her father arranges a ceremony to inform the public about her availability. Once the bride has found her prince, the negotiations for her cattle for lobola can begin.

A traditional Swazi wedding ceremony is called umtsimba (Swazi: [umtsʼimɓa]), where the bride commits herself to her new family for the rest of her life. The ceremony is a celebration that includes members of both the bride's - and the groom's - natal village.

Today many marriages occur after elopement or when the man and his friends abduct 'shobela' his chosen girl and take her to his home, where she is welcomed as if a wedding had taken place. An animal may even be slaughtered to mark the occasion, while the bride's trousseau is sent after her.

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