What Causes Ectopic Pregnancy? How Rare Or How Often Does It Occur

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Ectopic pregnancy is caused by blocked tubes, whereas the ovum can't travel safely to the uterus due to untreated or not well treated infection..... Women r prone to get infection bcoz of the opening when we want to urinate, though urine passage is different from vagina but we access infection faster, dats why we need to get familiar with our body language, Yeast infection is bad, it generates others And in the process of getting ectopic pregnancy out after the foetus can't grow anymore bcoz the tube doesn't expand like the womb (uterus), it burst & automatically, you need to be operated upon to get the tube out, the patient will be left with only one tube to produce.

That's what I went through and I didn't know I was pregnant since I never went on periods since February because I just had a baby December, so apparently I got pregnant around June and they removed the boy from my womb cos he died when he was 11 weeks and I only found out when I was 16 weeks, it is so sad and I'm hurt even though it was early for me to get pregnant again. Doctors said it was because I just had a C-section and they think they made some mistakes but then the cause it's not clear.

Doctors don't know either cc but when they explain it they say it's when the information happened in the fellopiantube not in the womb it's very sang, all we know is that When the fallopian tube is damaged, that also cause an egg to find it difficulty to pass through the damages tube so it gets stuck in the tube and start growing there. Is where by the baby or the developing fetus is not in the womb but in the fallopian tubes.

There are so many cases where women experience ectopic pregnancy that they have no explanation as to what is going on and not many people know exactly why is it possible to experience that.

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