Stop Thinking About What To Eat On Saturday Mornings, Check Out This List Of Meals And Choose One


There are different days in a week and these days sum up to seven days, to some people they work on all seven days while to others some days are left for resting and probably family time.

I'm many cases Saturdays and Sundays and the days for resting from work, depending on your profession and job description, and on these days the routine is quite different, some people eat very well on Saturday morning after doing their house chores, some can decide to make it a day for outing or picnic, it all depends on the person in question.

Well, for me it is usually a lot of domestic work, then I eat satisfactorily thereafter, to be honest, it can sometimes be mind-boggling to figure out what to eat on Saturday mornings, but you should worry no more about your food as I have made a list of foods that you can easily pick from and prepare to avoid thinking hard about what you should eat.

Beginning from today, in fact, this very moment you can pick one of the foods below and make it your meal for this morning.

1. Pap and Beans

2. Bread And Akara

3. Rice and Stew

4. Beans And Bread

5. Moi Moi and Custard

6. Beans and Fried Plantain

7. Yam and Egg sauce