Angry Girlfriend demand clothes, Grocery and IPhone bought for her boyfriend after getting Dumped.


photo credits: Twitter

A lot is happening in our country, We are still in a month where the loved ones celebrate each other in relationships, but it’s like things are already turning upside down to the partners.

What causes break-ups in relationships, what causes partners to turn against each other? It’s clear there is no fixed not constant answer regarding this matter , as people break-up for various reasons.

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The boy might be going through a lot wherever he is. The x girlfriend took to social media to embarrass him on everything she did for him through their dating .

I personally think whatever she is doing it is not necessary. Whatever she did to the boy friend then was out of love and she must never regret whatever she did as it was from love.

Photo credits: Facebook

By her nature and checking from many pictures on social media platforms, it’s clear the girl loves showing off which is necessarily not a good thing.