What Jalang'o Told Eric Omondi That Has Got Kenyans Talking On Social Media

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For the second time, Jalang'o has lit the internet on fire. This comes after he wrote a controversial comment on Eric Omondi's most recent post, which has gone viral.

Eric wished the South Sudanese model 'Monica' luck in her Miss University competition, according to an Instagram photo he uploaded.

But it was this comment made by Jalang'o on Eric's post that drew the attention of Kenyans. The following is the comment: " Proud of you mama, I know you will make us proud, guys help me with our baby girl and in law, Monica all the best, she is in Abuja for miss University Africa". Now, Jalang'o's message has gone viral on several social media platforms, eliciting conflicting emotions.

Many people are remarking that Jalang'o's response is too humorous, while others are making amusing reactions to Jalango's remark.

Anyway, what can you say to Jalang'o about his comment on Eric Omondi's Instagram post, which has gotten a lot of attention!?

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