Meet Lorna Of Maria Show In Real Life


If you are a fan to the Maria series drama, you must be knowing Lona very well. She is the nosy house girl in the show. Her character in the drama make fans hate her thinking that this is her character in real life. Here are some facts about Lona that will make you realise she is totally a different lady from the way you see her in your screens.

Off the screen, Lona is a devoted Christian who likes to inspire others.She is always simply dressed but elegant and is always spotted with her huge and gorgeous smile.

Her real name is Tina Wamwati Njambi and she is 40 years old.

Tina does not have children of her own but she is a mother of two. The two are her late sister's children who passed on long time ago and she has raised them since they were small.

Apart from acting, Tina is an entrepreneur and runs a business. She supply baking ingredients to companies and hotels. She also does Ankara business as a side hustle.