"El Nino Washed Away My Business But Music Changed my Life." Veteran Artist Says

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There are challenges that come to our lives to make it better. Other challenges also help us to grow in our spiritual life, business life and our normal life. Life is also full of many struggles. But what makes it sweet is to know that there is still hope. One day you will make it.

Before she got married she was a house help. She was employed by a white man. Luckily she able to learn how to cook and do other home chores very well. Mary Githinji was also able to learn how to be responsible.

Luckily after working for sometime she got married. Unfortunately her husband lost his job when she was newly married.

Life became difficult because both them had lost their jobs. Mary did all kinds of small jobs to make ends meet. She became a hotelier, sold rice door to door, sold chicken and other jobs.

Luckily after many struggles her brother-in-law gave her capital to start a business in Nairobi.

"I used to sell groceries, cereals and other products. The business was doing well and life was very good. I was making alot of profits." She says.

" Unfortunately when El Nino came over in 2000 it swept away my business. I woke up one morning and everything had been carried away by water. I just broke into tears. I was left with nothing, i became bankrupt." She adds.

After going through suffering, she decided to try a luck in music. Music was the last option she had.

" I started as a backup artist. Luckily the late Albert Gacheru discovered my talent. He told even if i don't have my songs they can compose for me then i can sing. Luckily i had my songs." She adds.

After she produced her album that is where her transformation begun. She now lives large and own many businesses.

Her songs include Otoria gwatarie, Ota oria Jerusalemu, Yesu nakupenda, Gwihitha thakameini, mfariji, ocio ni Jesu and others.

Mary is also a mother of two, a wife and an entrepreneur.

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