Opinion: Kenya Risks Having Shortage Of Teachers In Five Years Time

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Teaching profession used to be one of the most respected carrers in Kenya some years ago. Teachers used to be icons of the society with everyone giving much respect to anyone who was identified as a teacher. This in the current society has changed and no one values the proffession anymore. Currently teachers trained from the year 2010 upto the moment,statistics shows that many of them went for teaching as the last option. Meaning that most of them have no really passion of teaching and are just teachers since they underwent training.

At the moment the government seems to be neglecting teachers welfare, something that is making most of the teachers to surrender the job while some who wished to train as teachers take other courses. According to the current state, the government seems to be overbudening teachers while making them work even more than they used to do. After the introduction of the CBC curriculum which ofcourse teachers were not involved fully in piloting, the government has gone ahead to task teachers with much responsibilities which in some extend is scaring those who had wished to train as teachers.

With this trend where most teachers are not willing to co tinue working and some not willing to train, it can easily be pridicted that some few years to come tje country might have a shortage of teachers. This can be predicted to be within the next five years.

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