'Finally, I opened my legs for him'


I am a young, beautiful and attractive lady. Every morning, I take a walk in my street for about an hour. I do this as a form of exercise. I normally do not get sick due to this thing I always do and most people in my house feels jealous of that.

I have always told them to join me, but they won't mind me. I met this fine gentleman one morning as I took my walk. He was also exercising his body. We talked for some time and we got to know ourselves. 

He told me he has a gym and I can come there for my exercise. I decided to go to his gym one morning to exercise my body. He was not in when I got there so one of his assistants took me through.

Later he came in and told his assistant to leave us alone, because he will be taking me though the exercise himself. We first had a small chat before proceeding to the exercise.

He was always pushing me closer to his body, hugging me and acting strange so I was not comfortable at all. We started the training, where I was asked to do some press up. 

He later told me to lie on the ground with my heads up. I did. He told me to open my legs, but I was afraid to do so because, I don't trust men that much due to my past experience.

He tried severally, persuading me to open my legs, buy I insisted I won't. He also insisted I open my legs because, that was the next order of exercise. 

Finally, I opened my legs for him and he told me to open and close then continuously. After a while, he jumped on me trying to take off my clothes. I warned him to stop else I will shout.

I quickly got up and left the gym. He later called to apologize and told me to visit him in his room. I'm confused and don't know what to do because, I'm afraid he will do the same thing to me again. Something tells me I should give a try. What should I do?

Teetom newshub-gh@operanewshub.com