The World Misjudged Them in their Wedding Attires But This is the True Captivating Story


This Wedding pictures have surfaced online sometime ago, and many have criticized the pictures for what they think was not right.

The duo seems like Chinese couples, but as is normally said , appearance is deceptive. For a fact, I was also tuned to believe that the two were true couples until I found this BLOG that exposed the whole truth as it was explained in a YouTube VIDEO that was linked on the site.

The truth about this picture relates to a situation in the past where the Chinese government forbids its citizens From giving birth to more than two.

Parents have no option than to dump their newly borns as they fear the directives of the government.

The old woman you see in the picture and his husband has been an angel to this abandoned children.

Although they did not have much, they catered for the children as their own. The young man in the picture is one of the abandoned children they have catered for.

The woman in her youth had the desire to put on a wedding gown and be wedded, but her husband could not afford it.

This child grew up and decided to fulfill the desire of her mother. On the day of the wedding between his mother and father, the father got seriously ill.

With all the guests around, the young man had to take the place of the father.

This was the story behind the pictures, and although I believe that the VIDEO in here would explain better, that is to clear your minds if you have also thought otherwise about these pictures.