See More Beautiful Photos Of Regina Daniels' New Baby Boy, He Looks Like His Father (Photos)


See more beautiful photos of Regina Daniels baby boy, he looks just like his father. (Photos)

Today is a great day in the family of Regina Daniels as the welcome a new baby boy.

Oh wow, he looks just as beautiful as the mother and also got some looks from the dad.

The news of the baby was first announced by Sweezy, Regina Daniels' brother.

He couldn't hide his excitement after a video call with his sister.

He shared photos of her in the hospital.

After that, there were countless reports of his congratulatory posts by family and friends.

Regina Daniels took to her fan page to share photos of the baby and she captioned it;

"Thank you Jesus"

This is really a great news and congratulations arenin order.

Congratulations to the newest mother in town

God bless the family. Shout out to other pregnant women.

God bless you all.

Stay safe and stay healthy