SA Doctor Expose what Labour Inspectors have Been Doing in Different Companies all this While.

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South Africans had a bit of fresh relief ever since it was announced by South African labour that they are inspecting different business establishment within the country to ensure compliance.

Many saw it as an opportunity for government to root out illegal immigrants and unqualified persons from our labour market. But it seems that's not the case, going by what a South African Doctor said.

Earlier today, a South African Doctor known as Dr. Dietary on Twitter has taken to his social media handle to expose what the labour inspection team has been doing.

The man claimed that the inspection team are only inspecting Health and safety standard compliance as against what was being speculated initially. He further clarified that the inspection team are not checking if employees or employers are working with proper documentation.

According to his exact statement on Twitter and it reads:

"99% of Labour Inspectors are inspecting Health and Safety standards. That's only what they are doing in terms of compliance. They are not checking if employers employs illegal immigrants over South Africans, never!! I bet.

They never shared any statistics.

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