Six Celebrities Who Escaped Death At Least Once


Death affects everyone without exception. However, some stars seem to escape it. There are celebrities who have been on the verge of losing their lives at one point. Either in an accident or a surgical operation. These stars were often very lucky to be saved. Anyway, to become famous, in addition to work, you need a good dose of luck. Here are 6 famous people who escaped death.

Hillary Clinton

She caught salmonella in 1978, hospitals really didn't know how to treat her. She was in critical condition.

Michael jordan

Who can forget the "flu game" in which Jordan's heroism led the Chicago Bulls to a big win. He later contracted pneumonia and could have died of exhaustion.

Scarlett johansson

The beautiful blonde was almost killed during a medical procedure that went wrong. It was during one of her breast implant surgeries.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was very close to a friend of rapper Notorious BIG. On the day of Notorious BIG's assassination, the three had to get out. But Kevin Hart withdrew at the last minute. This is how a few hours later, he learns that his friend witnessed the death of Notorious BIG.

Jennifer aniston

While on a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, the actress' car swerved into the path of a drunk driver. The drunk driver was going close to 60km/h. Luckily she got away with a lot of luck.

Angelina Jolie

The charming Angelina had to face imminent death during one of her cosmetic surgeries. The doctor almost cut his windpipe.