"No way Fulani herdsmen and farmers won't clash" - Seriki Fulani


Recall that weeks ago, Seriki Fulani of Igangan, Oyo state whose name is Salihu Abdulkadir was evicted from Igangan after some angry youth of the village stormed his house and evicted him out and injured some fulani herdsmen too. 

He speaks during an interview, he revealed why Fulani Herdmens and farmers will continue to clash. According to him, he said that the people view towards Fulani herdmen as Kidnappers is totally wrong describing it as false allegation against them. 

He further explained that there is no way there won't be calsh between the farmers and the herdmens, describing it as thing that will eventually happen.

He further noted that he has assisted many farmers to get compensated for the destruction of the farmers by the cows, describin any fulani whose cows eat farm crooe and does not compensate the owners of the farm as senseless person.

He further explained that the people of Igangan have been living in peace with the fulani men until the recent clash occured.

According to him, he noticed that the people of Ibarapa suddenly didn't want to see the fulani herdsmen again because of the allegation that the Fulani are behind the kidnapping occurring the area.

Source : Sahara report

What do you think about his statement, do you agree with him. Is there no way that the farmer and the fulani herdsmen won't clash.

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