Netizens React After Diamond's Mother Was Spotted Doing This


The internet has gone on fire for the another time. This is after Diamond's mother 'Mama Dangote' was spotted dancing, something that has left netizens talking online. According to the video that was shared trough Instagram by Mama Dangote herself, the lady was having some good time at unknown areas where by, she was dancing with a man while, the crowd was watching!

Now this photo of Mama Dangote dancing has gone viral on different social media platforms and, it's sparking a lot of reactions currently! Now many are out to say that this family of Diamond has a lot of dramas while, others are reacting on a funny way concerning Mama Dangote!

Here are some reactions: @kio: enjoy to your fullest our mother, we love you so much! @ben: you are dancing exactly like your son Diamond Platnumz walae! That's according to netizens!

Anyway what's your opinion also concerning this photo of Mama Dangote that has gone viral!? Share your thoughts. Below are some reactions: