Does a teacher outfit have an impact on a student performance?

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The teaching profession does not have a uniform, allowing educators to wear anything they choose. However, instructors are increasingly adopting a more trendy dress code.

We cannot deny that we live in the twenty-first century when everyone is willing to experiment, express themselves, and live their lives as they see fit. Educational systems have evolved and adapted to new technology, and South African schools have been taken over by the younger generation.

Old school teachers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new school teachers' clothing code on social media and over the airwaves. However, a new generation has raised the topic of dress code, arguing that people who hold similar beliefs are physically trapped in the past and narrow-minded.

Here are some of the most stunning teachers dressed in spectacular new school attire:

Is it true that a teacher's attire has an impact on a student's performance and passes rate? Leave your views in the comments section below.

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