Who is Resposible for Appointing or Sacking Managers at Manchester United Football Club?

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No leadership is permenent. Leadership involves various transitions and change is inevitable. The same is the case at Manchester United Football Club. No manager will be at the club forever. People come and go. To ensure smooth and organized transitions, there must be a committee in charge of the transitions. In this article, we focus on the people directly in charge of appointing and sacking managers at Manchester United Fc.

The Manchester United Football Club is owned by the Glazer Family. The family is at the helm of the club after acquiring a majority of shares, thus influencing the major decisions at the club. As the entire family cannot govern the Football club, they have set aside a team of experts to manage the affairs of the lucrative business. Below is the list of the Manchester United board of directors who are solely responsible for appointing or sacking the managers.

1.Avram. A. Glazer

2.Edward Gareth Woodward

3.Richard Arnold

4.Joel Glazer

5.Bryan G. Glazer

6.Cliff Baty

7.Edward S Glazer

8.Kevin E. Glazer.

However, after the board of management has made its decision on appointing or sacking managers, the final decision must be approved by the Glazer family as they are the major stakeholders. Thanks for reading.

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