Man Spends Close To Ksh 1.5 Million So He Can Live As A Dog

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Toko San posing with his custom made dog costume

A Japanese man has shocked people after spending a fortune so that he could live as a dog. The man instructed an agency to make him a perfect costume that could make him live his life as a dog. The costume was to be made precise such that he would turn to be four legged. It is reported that it took 40 days to perfect the costume.

Such demands and peculiar interest saw the man part with a lot of money. For him to realize his dream of living as a dog, he had to pay close to Ksh 1.5 million.

The man known as Toko San said he had always dreamt of becoming an animal. He thought considering his size, he would become a dog. He has now named himself Colie. His actions have made him a local celebrity in Japan. He is now routinely being invited to television shows.

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