Bedroom Diaries: Common Mistakes Women Do In Bed


Its become more of a psychosocial problem with women to express their feelings more directly to their partners whiles in bed. In Ghana and certain parts of Africa, men are believed to be more assertive in their demand for sexual gratification than women.

The social construct had created this shyness or say inhibition among young women to make gestures that demands same. For some couple, it is a nightmare opening up about their desires, as they often leave this to the other partner that they are in the 'mood'.

But this shouldn't be a problem for a couple that had become that intimate. Perhaps you might have lived with the thinking that you should be the only one 'serving'. No you can also serve and this could spice up your love life.

Today I will flag some common mistakes women just as you make in bed with your partner.

Pretending you don't feel the presence of your partner: This is a common mistake among new couples. Some women pretend not to have felt the presence of their man when he walks into the bed. They turn their faces against the wall with their back towards their partner. For some men it signals rejection and this could affect your relationship.

Always remember that the bed is your 'party ground' and the man is your guest. Don't just be casual, make the bedtime welcoming for the man that he quickly would put off the television when he sees you laying on the bed. Face him smile and speak about the beautiful moments of the day and how much you miss him.

No speak about your wishes: Take control, demand it and let him be your waiter for the night. In a jovial manner make him feel wanted and this will get him in a surprise mood.

Too concerned about body flaws: Some women are too particular about their looks when getting to bed. Don't be too bothered about being perfect and get the 'candle flame' extinguished. Be natural and simple so you don't keep him waiting for long.

Slight Touches: Don't be poking your partners softly. Touch and hold him and make him he is needed badly. If you can wrap your body around him and make him feel the warmth of your body. This creates a memory that he will ever miss when you are absent.

Trust me these are only a few. You will have to study you partners and get more comfortable speaking about each other's desire to make your relationship and bedroom diaries a remarkable one.


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