"They Are Bribing people And No Action Is Been Taken,"ODM party Raises Alarm In Bonchari By Election


The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party through it's twitter handle has raised allegations of voters bribing in the ongoing Bonchari By elections.The party posted a photo of a guy alleged to be a close ally of the Jubilee candidate in the race and accused him of bribing voters at Mwata polling station in Bonchari while the police are doing nothing to arrest him.

The party also condemned the arrest of Riana Ward member of County assembly (MCA)Mr.Vincent Moisabi who is their key agent in the elections.The party claims that he was arrested while visiting polling stations to see the progress of the exercise and driven to an unknown location in a vehicle with KBZ 487C registration number.

The party accused local administration of medling with the exercise as Assistant chief Erick Ondere was spotted bribing residents while riding a government motorbike at Isamwera,Riamagigo and Gesare primary polling station while shamelessly chest thumping telling people he had "protection."

The ODM candidate Pavel Oimeke casted his vote earlier in the day and together with his team called for the electoral body to ensure the exercise was done freely and fairly.

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