Identifying a Vintage Shirt

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Fashion trends have a way of appearing, fading out, only to appear again. Such has been that of vintage shirts for years now. As usual, the shirts are back again and in large circulation so, it is easy to fool people into paying more for it. It is worse if you can't tell if it is a vintage shirt or ordinary shirt. Before you put down your money, it is important to identify if your shirt is a true vintage or not.

Learn how in this article as we dissect the criteria for selecting the right vintage shirt.

The year

Generally, the older a piece, the more vintage it is. Experts consider any shirt older than 20 years to be a true vintage. Usually, the year of a vintage shirt is written on the front or back at the bottom corner in small fonts. Also, the year does not always mean it is original, as it could mean that the shirt was reprinted.

The tag

If the year doesn't work for you, you should check the tag. Vintage shirt tags appear different from ordinary tags. They look archaic and are made f dull cotton material. Besides, modern shirts may not have any tag on them. Try googling the inscription on the tag to find out if it's truly vintage. This method can be difficult when some stores cut off clothes tags to hide the true source. In this case, you use another method, and that is stitching.

The stitching

The most reliable indicator of a true vintage shirt is its stitching. Most modern 5-shirts have double stitching, while a typical vintage shirt has one due to the method used in sewing years ago. Even if you find a modern shirt with one, the look is different from that of vintage.

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