GES Promotion Exams should be subject based, not only English and Mathematics (Opinion)

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The teaching staff of Ghana Education Service have always had issues with their employer when it comes to promotion to the next rank. The aptitude test replaced the fearsome face to face interview last year.

Should the Ghana Education Service promotion examination be subject based?

Subject Teachers are largely blamed for learners failure. School Performance and Appraisal Meetings (SPAM) are held to probe what accounted for student's failure and some teachers are ridiculed by Education Directors and parents.

Some Teachers do not want to be ridiculed, so they have invested in upgrading themselves based on the subject they teach and are later asked to write examination on a different subject before being promoted.

About forty percent (40%) of teachers who took part in the maiden aptitude test failed. It is unfair to assess a teacher who been teaching Religious and Moral Education or Ghanaian Language for thirty years on Mathematics.

Why should the aptitude test be on mathematics and English Language only? Though Mathematics and English Language are foundation courses, teachers should not be forced to revisit what they have abandoned for years.

The aptitude test should be subject based in order for other subject teachers to be tested on their competencies. If this is done, veteran subject teachers will be able to approach the test with confidence.

Though the subject based aptitude test will create some logistical problems, it will yield fairness.

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