6 Signs To Prove She Doesn’t Like You Anymore


She no longer cares how you spend your time

A partner who still loves you will ask you a lot of question after spending sometimes apart may be due to work or other activities. She will be interested on how you spent you day because she cares about you, however, if she stops asking you about how you spent you day, this means she has lost interest in you.

She is no longer jealous at all

Beings jealous are normal especially when two individuals love each other. They will not feel okay id they see their partner flirting with another person. However, if your partner does not care even if you go around flirting with other individuals, this may mean that she has lost interest in your relationship

She answers your calls and messages only once in a while

Communication is the key thing in a relationship especially if it is long distance. It doesn’t mean you shout communicate every now and then; you should just not ignore each other’s text and messages. It is not all about your partner beings constantly busy but not answering even if they have free time

She does not need your help

In a relationship, partners do assist each other in various ways; emotionally, physically or even financially. However, in a situation where you notice you partner needs some help but she does not ask for it, yet she used to, you should be suspicious. It may mean a lot especially if she rejects your help.

She is worried about something but doesn’t discuss with you

Partners do talk about various things; sometimes they may discuss about their worries or problems and try to help one another out of these situations. If your soul mate avoids talking about their issues to you, you should be worried and try to understand what the problem might be.

She does not like mutual hobbies anymore

Happy couples make sure they spend sometimes together engaging in different activities like watching, playing games, talking among other activities. However if your partner suddenly starts avoiding you or doesn’t enjoy you company anymore, you should be worried

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