'I Drive High End Vehicle Due To My Side Hustles Not Employment' Kamau Wa Kangethe Of Inooro Says


Kamau wa Kangethe is commonly known by his stage name as governor 048, was born in Magumu area in Nyandarua county where he completed his secondary education before joining a media school for a course in journalism and mass communication.

He is currently employed by Royal media services vernacular radio station Inooro fm, hosts 'Ngogoyo' on every Sunday from noon to 4pm. He has become so popular among the Kenyans especially from My Kenya region because of how he address their issues courageously.

Despite his busy schedule at the media, he does the following to boost his income:

1. He owns a farm at his rural home. His focus is majorly on dairy production, poultry rearing and keeping of pigs.

2. He has heavily invested in hospitality industry, has a hotel in Nairobi specifically at Thika by pass where he runs as a director.

Although he has not disclosed the actual amount of money he makes from all the enterprises, he said its far above his salary.

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