Nigerian Army Disowns Man in Viral Kidnapping Video


The Nigerian Army has debunked rumours that one of its personnel was involved in kidnapping. In a press release on Tuesday, the Nigerian Army said its attention has been drawn to the viral video on social media alleging that a soldier, Lance Corporal Adamu Galadima was involved in kidnapping of his neighbour's child

The Army denied the allegation and revealed that the suspect was dismissed from the Nigerian Army in 2013 after he was found guilty by a court martial in Kaduna. 

His last unit was 2 Provost Group. According to the Nigerian Army, he was involved in a case of attempted murder which led to his arrest and eventual prosecution before the General Court Marshal in Kaduna

The Army further revealed that Galadima moved to Kaduna and found work at the Kaduna State Environmental Services as a cleaner and is not an officer of the Army as at the time he committed the alleged crime

The Nigerian Army urged the public to ignore the story and they said it is misleading, as they are a disciplined organization that would not condone unprofessional conduct on the part of its officers