Dr Musa wears wedding sash without his wife

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The Famous Dr. Musa and a television broadcaster, is going out with his wedding sash as written HUSBAND, and those who are single should not disturb him for a marriage proposal. It is wonderful of him and his wife to have a man who is happy about his status.

Many other people are married, but you would not know that they are married. This means that they are not living their marriage life in public space. Some of them are seen without rings, which is another sign to look for. Some of them say it is because of their industrial work.


For Musa, there was no problem for him as he could still go to work with the two of them. He is living a soft lifestyle and working without heavy duty protective gears, which is also needed. He has drawn a lot of attention to himself. Most of the time, it is seen worn during their wedding or to their honeymoons.

For other people, it looks like it is not easy to do or think of a good reason for him to flash it around that he is a married man. He started this current year by experiencing scintillating moments as in marriage, and there is nothing to hide about it.


He is encouraging other people who are not in the marriage lifestyle to join in, as they can see how wonderful it is to be in it. There is a huge record of people going through divorce decrees, and as something is done, from the left, there is the right part of it, which is not nice. Everything has a bad and good outcome.

Happy people have different ways of expressing their happiness, and it is clear, defined in details by the husband's sash. It occurred last Friday night when he was live on Instagram. The comments are also fascinating to read, which is why social media users are not disappointing.


1. Swart: Wait until she finds out that he is playing for gender X.

2. ANY TWEET (user account's name). Feeling the same but not in a bad way and personally remembering her previous relationship with Proverb. No hard feelings, he said.

3. Sello: He blames his friends for not telling him to calm down and for sometimes overdoing it.

4. Dr. Ghost: There is nothing wrong with it and the whole world should know about it.

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