Check Out One Of The World's Largest Swimming Pool Which Is The Size Of 16 Football Fields

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The saltwater lagoon of San Alfonso Del Mar is surely a wonder to humans because this pool which is located in San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile is the second world's largest.

This man-made wonder is 3,323 ft long, 11.5ft deep and spreads over 20 acres of land which is more than the size of 16 football fields. Not only that, to get to fill this pool a total of 250 million litres/66 million gallons of water is used.

This pool was built by Crystal Lagoons Corporation way back in the year 2006, this company have been known to build different lagoons all around the world. The total cost of this engineering marvel is close to $2 billion and maintaining it for just a year can cost up to $2 million.

The water to fill this pool is pumped from the Pacific Ocean which is beside it, it is then treated, filtered and then maintained at a regular temperature of 26°C. This magnificent saltwater swimming pool is separated from the Pacific Ocean by a small beach. 

However only residents of the San Alfonso del Mar Resort are allowed to use this saltwater pool. Where they can engage in many water sports such as offshore races, diving and surfing because this pool is built to have an artificial current and it also has a waterfall.

In December 2008 this pool held the Guinness world record for being the very first largest swimming pool or man-made lagoon this title made it attract many tourists from all corners of the world, however, this was broken by Citystars Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

The San Alfonso Del Mar Resort doesn't just have the largest pool it also has other things which make it stand out, such as:The Bitácora Building, which is a pyramid-shaped building that has about 60 apartments, the Sub-Acqua Café Aquarium which is located at the edge of the saltwater pool and then the Fragata Building which is also another pyramid-shaped building.

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