Saskay Speaks About Her Relationship With Jay Paul And Cross

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The Recently concluded popular Nigerian reality TV show known as the big brother Naija shine ya eye season six house mate, Saskay has taken to her Instagram story to clear the air on the type of relationship she is having with Jay Paul and cross.

Remember that while they were still in the big brother house, Saskay and Cross were closest friends for a long period of time before Jay Paul started showing his interest in Saskay, Along the line, Cross was no longer close to Saskay.

The viewers of the just concluded TV show started having the impression that Saskay left cross because of Jay Paul, adding that they are now in love.

Based on the questions that people have been asking the BBNaija star, she took to her Instagram story to make it clear that when it comes to relationship, she has nothing to do with Jay Paul and cross.

She also added that they are just friends.

In her words, she said, "I would say this once, Jay Paul and cross are both my friends and there is absolutely no bad blood amongst us".

"As per relationship wise, Saskay is more focused on building her brand now, love will come later", Saskay said.

She also went further to add that she would not entertain any more questions on the same issue.

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