2 things God considers to accept your offering/sacrifice.

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It does not matter how much you give as your offering or tithe in the church. There are things God is looking out in every Christian.

So many times we offer sacrifices to God and walk away not knowing that God is not pleased with our sacrifices. In this age, God has been rejecting some people's sacrifice and yet they do not know. Are you anticipating some signs just like in the days of Cain and Abel, and in the days of Noah, Abraham, Elijah and others? God does not work in that way in this present age, but I assure you that God still turns down some people's sacrifices.

There are things which move God to accept your sacrifice:

1. The heart with which the offering is made. This is the very reason Jesus acknowledged the offering of the widow more than the offerings of the others because she offered what she had with her whole heart and there was no grudge attached to it at all. This is also the reason God accepted Abel's sacrifice but rejected Cain's sacrifice. God knows the thought of everyone, and that is the first thing HE considers before accepting an offering or sacrifice from a person.

2. The willingness to give. Not everyone has the willingness to give. God can test your willingness to give through the beggars you come across in the streets, the less privileged, the orphans, the physically challenged people and others. If you do not have the willingness to help these people in need, your sacrifice to God is useless. God is not in need; HE has everything, therefore your offerings and your tithe cannot add anything to his riches, so that you do not think that when you are paying all these, you are enriching God. No! There are so many people who need them, and if you do not have the willingness to give to these people, your sacrifice makes no impact.

I pray that god should give you the wisdom to understand this in Jesus name, Amen! The Bible said "give and it shall be given unto you." And so shall it be in Jesus name, Amen!

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