OPINION: The Accident Allegedly Caused By Cows In Abuja Is More Reason Why Ranches Should Be Built

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A video recently uploaded on Instagram by LindaIkejiBlogOfficial captured the moment cows allegedly caused an accident in Abuja, Nigeria's capital territory. The cows were seen walking along and express road and from the look of things, it seems two drivers were trying to avoid hitting the cows and this led to a head on collision between the two vehicles which damaged bumper of both vehicles.



This alleged accident caused by cows is a more reason why ranches should be built. Open grazing should be ban in major cities across the country so as to prevent herders from carrying their cattle along major express roads. We thank God that this accident was not fatal and did not claim any life, and we must not fold our hands waiting for it to claim a life before we speak out to discourage the act of parading cattle on express roads.

[Credit: LindaIkejiBlogOfficial]

Just as most States have placed a ban on open grazing, I would want such ban in Abuja which is the country's capital territory. Cattle should not even be allowed to walk freely in our roads and be sharing it with vehicles, it is wrong and no matter how careful one is, things like this will most likely lead to road accident which can be very fatal.

Since Abuja is the state capital, cattle ranches should be built in the state so that herders can register and take their cows there to graze on grasses, instead of parading them along the road where they won't see any grass to graze in, but rather contribute to the things that cause road accident.

The earlier we place a ban on cattle movement in major cities the better for us, because a city like Abuja which is the capital territory of Nigeria is one route that visitors normally take when they come into the country. Herders should be helped by building ranches for them so that they can take their cattle there and prevent road accident.

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