Within 5 Hours, See How A Lady Raised Over #55,000 On Twitter


“This life no balance,” is a popular and funny quote and in all honesty, it's just a fact, really, it's just a pure fact. This common quote was played again right on twitter just over a day ago.

About around 4:40pm yesterday, Wednesday, a lady named Bolutife by the twitter username @tifemi26 took to her twitter timeline to solicit for help for her outstanding tuition fee would will stop her from writing her final exams next week Monday. 

Bolutife, @tifemi26 on twitter

Sincerely, as a twitter influencer who commands hundreds of likes and retweets on her posts, it was likely part of the last things her followers would've expected to see from her. See the tweets containing her "shocking" request, which saw her going to the extent of proofing it with a screenshot from her school portal payment page, as can be seen in the screenshots.

However, that's not even the point. The point is how quickly it happened, many would've probably thought it'd take some few days before the target is reached, little did we know how quick it will be, just over 5 hours later.

By 10pm the same day, the very same day, this lady had raised #55,000, an amount that we can assume more than the amount she solicited for was raised, considering how popular she is. She posted a video link of one minute, full of emotions thanking everyone for the donation...

It's kinda funny really, many students struggle with side-hustles trying to make ends meet for their tuition fees and many other things, but it's just funny how quick it was for a lady to do it on twitter. This took FIVE HOURS, just FIVE HOURS.

Tife and her 5,000+ followers

I write this not to point fingers at this being unfair as really, it's just her hard work in being active on social media that has paid off because the lady @tifemi26 is a popular lady on twitter Nigeria, it's just a kind reminder that situations don't just happen the same way and the earlier we come to agree with this, the better for us all. 

@Tifemi26 on twitter

Even raising money for things like medical bills don't often come that easily, but here's a lady, a twitter influencer who many envy to get the attention she gets, raising over #55,000 in five hours, just five hours.

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