6 Things That Make A Man Wants To See A Woman Again After First Meeting


Most relationship beginnings end the very first day or night the lovers go for their first meeting.

The truth is the first meetings and first dates all have same joy but a highly stressful. More especially if the two want to impress themselves above the normal.

In this meeting, everyone tries to be very careful, speaks romantically buy think very well before speaking.

But as for the lady she will do everything to get more attention as and respect for the man to see her again.

But frankly speaking, what makes a man really want to see a woman again is to avoid the below behaviors.

1. Telling him all about you, work, family, past relationships

Most girls on their first date talks too much. They say even the things that needed not to say all because of over happiness.

Please for your guy to want to see you again, reserve somethings for another time.

I am not asking you to be secretive but please don't open your entire doors in a meeting.

2. Not looking frequently on your phone

Your first meeting with a guy especially a genuine guy who is looking for serious relationship requires a lot of home work and checks.

Please put your phone in your purse of the bag that you will go out with to avoid being tempted to do what will prevent the guy to see you again.

Don't hold your phone and chatting, browsing or cutting incoming calls. And never be checking your phone as if you want to leave.

When you do that s lot of negative things will go through the guy's mind and he may refuse to see you again.

Meanwhile he may have been a guy you may want for a serious relationship leading to marriage.

So avoid the checkings on your phone.

3. Not Drinking excessive alcohol when you go out for a drink

I will advise never to take alcohol on your first meeting even if you drink alcohol. A genuine guy will buy you any amount of bottles of alcoholic drink you will drink but he will think otherwise for you after consuming all the bottles.

No guy want a drunkard for a serious relationship.

So control yourself on issues of that nature.

4. By Not trying to buy everything on the menu when at a restaurant

Many women and girls decides on their first meeting with a guy to buy and eat everything on the menu and even ask for a package for home consumption or to give to her family members.

Girls,been the richest man on earth wouldn't like to go out with a lady who will come that low 

So for a man to like to see you again, you need to be extra careful 

5. Not asking for money 

When you are going for your first meeting, plan yourself so that you don't become a beggar.

Guys are very observant when it comes to certain things. Don't ask for money for transportation back. If he is a serious guy he will try to pay for that. 

But prepare yourself before going for such meetings so that incase the the unthinkable comes, you will find your way home easily.

Because most first meetings have a lot of surprises.

6. Not loosing guard

As a lady who want a guy to see you again after your first meeting, never ever go to bed with him on that day or night no matter how he will influence you.

A guy may even see you again after going to bed with him in your first meeting but he will have a different mindset towards you negatively.

Please be serious about it because most of this first meeting issues am talking as about ends with Pregnancy.

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Content written by Mamafranca

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