US Warns Of A Possible Al-Shabaab Attack In Kenya Targeting The Following Areas

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Details have now emerged of possible impending terror attacks in the country. This is after The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned the possibility of an attack targeting flights and the Kenyans security forces.

The US government through the FAA has warned that civil aviation yo exercise extra caution when flying above the Kenyan airspace at low altitudes. The FAA has put emphasis in the areas bordering Kenya and Somalia as high-risk areas.

This is not the first time the US is warning of an impending attack by terror groups around the world. US intelligence is one of the best and such warnings must be taken seriously.

This comes at a time that the Alshabaab have expressed intention to retaliate against the involvement of Kenya in the peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

What is your take on this, should the Kenyan government withdraw its forces in Somalia? Will this help end the standing wrangles?

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