2020 Full Cut Off Points into Nigeria Unity School, What a Shame.


All Nigerians Are Equal, But Some Are More Constitutionally Equal Than Others!

There had be outcries of lopsidedness in the schedule of things in Nigeria by some regions who believed that they are being.aginalized out of the scheme of things.

Many people believe that a certain region is given much advantage over the rest of the country which makes things harder for them.

One of the lopsidedness is the setting of cut off marks for entrance into the tertiary academic institutions where cut off marks in most of the universities at the North are set at the lowest while those in the Southern parts are set higher. What could be the reason for such favouritism?

Below Is The 2020 Full Cut-off Points Into Nigeria Unity Schools, As Published By Federal Ministry Of Education::

The Southerners Require High Marks, While Their Northern Counterparts Need A Very low Mark To Gain Admission Into The Same School.

Just Take A Look!

Abia Male-130 Female-130

Adamawa Male-62 Female-62

Akwa-Ibom Male-123 Female-123

Anambra Male-139 Female-139

Bauchi Male-35 Female-35

Bayelsa Male-72 Female-72

Benue Male-111 Female-111

Borno Male-45 Female-45

Cross-Rivers Male-97 Female-97

Delta Male-131 Female-131

Ebonyi Male-112 Female-112

Edo Male-127 Female-127

Ekiti Male-119 Female-119

Enugu Male-134 Female-134

Gombe Male-58 Female-58

Imo Male-138 Female-138

Jigawa Male-44 Female-44

Kaduna Male-91 Female -91

Kano Male-67 Female-67

Kastina Male-60 Female-60

Kebbi Male-9 Female-20

Kogi Male-119 Female-119

Kwara Male-123 Female-123

Lagos Male-133 Female-133

Nassarawa Male-58 Female-58

Niger Male-93 Female-93

Ogun Male-131 Female-131

Ondo Male-126 Female-126

Osun Male-127 Female-127

Oyo Male-127 Female-127

Plateau Male-97 Female-97

Rivers Male-118 Female-118

Sokoto Male-9 Female-13

Taraba Male-3 Female-11

Yobe Male-2 Female-27

Zamfara Male-4 Fema-2

FCT Abuja Male-90 Female-90

In you opinion do you think this lopsidedness can encourage academic and professional competency for students and graduates in Nigeria higher institutions?

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