Kisumu Governor Debunks The Bottom Up Economy Approach,Terming It Old, Tasteless And Meaningless

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Kisumu governor Prof Peter Anyang Nyong'o in Kisumu. Source/Omondi.

Kisumu governor Prof. Peter Anyang Nyong'o has termed the popular Tanga Tanga phrase "Bottom Up Economy Approach" as tasteless and meaningless phrase.

According to Kisumu governor the word bottom up has been used for ages, saying it no longer mean anything. He warned Kenyans against being destructed by the overused cliche.

"I'd like to discourage people from being destructed by overused cliches , words that have been used for ages that finally no longer mean anything," he said.

Nyong'o said people need policies that have content,some of them that have been applied and made the difference in the lives of people in the third world nations. He gave an example of economic recovery strategy for wealth and employment creation which is being used by the ministry of planning and Jubilee government.

Speaking in Kisumu on August 3,during the distribution of loans to women,youths,and PWD at Mama Grace Onyango Social Center governor Nyong'o reiterated that Tanga Tanga ought to have come up with something more imaginative and exciting message rather than a mere cliche such as bottom up economy approach which lost the meaning long time ago.

"Somebody should come up with something much more imaginative and exciting message to transform this nation than using an overused cliches like bottom up," he added.

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