Deworming; If You Notice These 7 Signs In Your Body, Then You Need To Deworm

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Individuals are expected to deworm at regular intervals. Deworming can be described as the process of expelling worms from the body via the use of drugs or natural remedies such as: papaya, turmeric, garlic, chia seeds etc. The signs that shows the need to deworm will be discussed in this article.

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Signs That Shows The Need To Deworm:

1) Fatigue: feeling tired and weak without any hard labour.

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2) Loss of appetite.

3) Presence of worm in your stool.

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4) Unexplained weight loss: when the worms in your stomach feed on the nutrients in the food you eat and you discover that you are losing weight without a definite reason.

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5) Itchy anus: if you experience itch around your anus when you feel like defecating. You need to deworm.

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6) Abdominal pain: if you have not dewormed for a long time and you start feeling some pains in your abdomen, then you need to deworm.

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7) Rashes: at times, the presence of worms in the body can cause rashes to spread all over the body.


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