"Countries where Students don't cut their hair are landing rovers on mars"- Kwame- A Plus fumes


The social commentator Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as Kwame A- Plus has blasted people who brags for attending certain schools in the Country like Prempeh College, St. Peter's, Achimota, Adisadel College and others, for not even producing "Knockout".

According to A- Plus, Students have been cutting their hair before independence yet Ghana atomic energy can not produce " Knockout" or fireworks for Christmas, we import Knockout and Toothpick from China.

He decended heavily on Achimota School for claiming that they have produced majority of the people who held important positions in this country but yet still Ghana is not developing.

He posited that, countries where Students don't cut their hair are landing rovers on mars and opening women's wombs to operate on babies before they are born. " I went to St. Peter's, I went to Kwabotwe, I went to Adisco and as for Prempeh College I won't talk about them because my big brother Chairman Wontumi went to school there".

He made this assertions in a post, apart from winning "Oral" Science and Maths quiz what else? He quizzes. The quiz madam too will be asking irrelevant questions which can't land a man on a coconut tree not to talk of the moon.

The education system in the country is the biggest problem, where Students will be forced to focus on the theoretical aspect instead on the practicals.

Even though, our universities are also doing the same, bragging I went to University of Ghana, I went to KNUST, I went to UCC, I went to UEW and UDS but yet still they can't even produce nose mask and Radio. We still import these things from China

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