Citizens Call For Education Reforms


Ghanaians are tired of the way the educational system is been handled and are therefore calling for education reforms.

However, Ghana should introduce a new educational reform and also change the curriculum for KG, Primary, JHS and then the SHS.

Meanwhile, in the past the textbooks used are not the same as the ones been used in our schools today and also some subjects have been taken away and new ones have replaced them.

According to the citizens the educational system looks so messed up and the government must sit up and look at the system again and bring up proper reforms.

A whole lot of policy in the educational system needs to be changed. Education is a priority and a necessity for all the citizens.

All the citizens want to see is a quality educational system with good textbook and materials to support the children in school.

We are expecting the politicians to know better that it was because they had good educational reforms at their time that has shaped most to them to become leaders in the country.