Ruto Break Silence Over Uhuru Kenyatta's Prosecution Remarks

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Fresh details have emerged revealing how Deputy President William Ruto has changed his tune over Uhuru Kenyatta's prosecution. Initial report shared indicated that William Ruto has plans to jail his boss incase he will win the forthcoming general election.

Therefore the deputy president William Ruto has changed tune over the recent remarks that he would initiate prosecution of all corrupt people in the country should be elected the Head of State on August General Election.

Speaking on Saturday, the deputy president revealed that as much as the war against corruption and misuse of taxpayers money must be fought, he will not hunt down and prosecute his boss, president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Report indicates that, Ruto revealed that he holds nothing against his boss but he wants him to proceed on retirement peacefully and without interfering with the upcoming polls and the outcome.

A remark that has sparked alot of reactions from people across the country.

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