Does age has things to do with Education

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Looking at the Educational sector in this era, many people are now going into it for one reason or the other. There are people who has two or more seperate degree certificates. Many are also interested in showing this academic prowress but the you're getting Older mentality has cut them off the dream.

Does age really matters in this situation? Is age a barrier to Education furthering or achievements? The answer is capital NO.

According to Fafunwa 1974, he asserts that Education is the sum total of all the experience acquired by man from birth till death.

A medicine student after his service year, further went ahead to study Law without considering his age but achievements, if you've been limiting yourself because of age, stand and tell yourself that age is just a number when it comes to Education. Underdo the process of Education untill you have fulfilled the Educational process i.e process which begins from child's birth, to adulthood and finally death. That's when Educational process has been completed.

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