Secure Your Money And M-Pesa Transactions From Fraudsters As An Agent Using These Safaricom Gadgets


M-Pesa frauds have been increasing in the country with many M-Pesa agents becoming victims of the circumstance. Telecoms operator Safaricom’s mobile money agents have to use photos to identify those withdrawing or depositing money on the popular M-Pesa platform as a measure to curb fraud.

In the past few months, Safaricom distributed over 25,000 pre-programmed smartphones to its mobile money agents to be used in registration of new SIM cards. Each M-Pesa Agent has to use this gadgets which involve capturing faces of SIM card owners and storing digital copies of the same for retrieval during M-Pesa transactions.

The company having over 30 million registered customers and 20 million active M-Pesa users, launched this step as a way to protect M-Pesa agents from falling victims of fraudsters. These special phones are linked to the Registrar of Persons’ database, which help in verifying the data as it is fed into the system.

M-Pesa agents are required by Safaricom to be conducting all transactions through the company-issued mobile phones only. This allows them to validate the national Identity Card details presented to them and the person doing so.


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