Beautiful love in the sky with shinning stars.


" How sweet it is ". I look into the sky and I see my love.

Sweetheart join me, look into my eyes and hold me close. Hold me tight and embrace me.

He smile to me and appears physically besides me.

In the garden, we sit together, lie down on the grass and we see ourselves like two brightening stars in the sky.

Babe look at the little two stars, they are now beginning their relationship. Funny but nice.

Oh ! How glowing it is. The sky at night shows the true nature of our love. As we look into the sky our love grows .

The shiny stars shows our nature of beauty. It show our nature of happiness. And it shows our nature of love and joy.

The sky at night has a lot of dark parts but plenty shinning stars.

"With some dark spots in your relationship, make sure you make some brightening stars in it"

Love comes with happiness and sadness.