Bishop Bernard Nyarko was a womanizer, Christiana Awuni hated me because I was his friend - Oboy Siki

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One of the popular Kumawood Actors who is widely known as Oboy Siki has opened up once again after the death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko. In an interview with Zion Felix, the popular Kumawood actor disclosed that he is one of the people who will always stand for the truth since he has promised God in his life to always speak the truth and nothing else. He added that some of the Kumawood actors are hypocrites since when the truth is plain, they will always speak lies and cover the truth. He added that he never said that Bishop Bernard Nyarko gave Christiana Awuni Broken heart but what he knew was that Bishop Bernard Nyarko was in a relationship with her.

He continued by saying that when Bishop Bernard Nyarko came into the movie scene, he associated himself with a certain class of people who changed his character. When God started blessing Bishop Bernard Nyarko, he became a womanizer as the result of the money that was coming into his hands. Oboy Siki disclosed that Bishop Bernard Nyarko became his closed friend in the Kumawood Movie Industry and for that matter they were doing everything together. I use to womanize together with Bishop Bernard Nyarko since he was my close friend.

Christiana Awuni began to hate me because Bishop Bernard Nyarko was walking with me. He hated me because he thought that since I was a womanizer, I would change her fiancée in the person of Bishop Bernard Nyarko's character to do the same but she never knew that her fiancée was into womanizing already. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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