The Country Needs Someone Who Thinks; Not A Scavenger-Captain Smart Teases And Makes A Revelation.

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Cityzen_Vigilante followed Onua TV's morning show, "Onua Maakye" today September 2, 2021, with host Captain Smart.

As usual, the host encompassed a variety of topical issues making waves in the country. The outspoken Journalist who has never shied away from criticizing the leadership of this country was at his best again. He indicated that this country needs someone who thinks because, in his opinion, the leaders we have now are "thanking leaders" who only travel around the world, thank people and beg for loans. He further reiterated that leaders over the period have been wasting monies and resources on things that do not benefit the interest of the country.

"We have scavengers as leaders and not managers", he said

In the course of the show, Captain Smart made a revelation to the effect that, a very young man would contest for the Presidency in the 2024 general elections.

It is important to mention at this juncture that; Captain Smart is a member of the "Fixthecountry" Movement and among their key objectives is for a majority of the youth to play active roles in the running of the country. They believe that the older generation has not been able to do enough to make lives better in this country.

" This country needs someone who thinks. Someone who is intelligent. In the 2024 general elections, you will see a young man in tatters but crazy and the country would be renovated. Ghana Is an old building and it requires renovation. This country is going to be renovated and no one can stop it from happening. After about three decades of the fourth Republic, we have come to appreciate the fact that we never had and have thinking leaders but we have had thanking leaders. They go and thank other leaders and beg for loans. We have never had thinking leaders over the years. Until we are able to remove these damagers and bring in managers, we are going to remain where we are", he indicated.

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