How To Take Advantage of Your Guardian Angels, Pastor Ashimolowo


How To Take Advantage of Your Guardian Angels, Pastor Ashimolowo

In a series teaching titled When Angels Come Visiting, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of the King’s International Christian Center, London, began to teach us about the ministry and working of angels in the lives of true believers.

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First, it is of fundamental importance that every Christian know and believe that there angels and they do appear and work with men in different ways and times. If you do not know or believe, then you are likely not to experience angelic visitation expect in special cases when it becomes necessary for God to send angels your way in cases of danger. Even then, you may not recognize them as angels.

Second, angels ensure that the Word of the Lord finds fulfilment in your life and on this earth as we confess and hold on to it. For instance, the supernatural knowledge angels possess enables them to intercept attacks that were designed to hurt us when we decree the scriptures.

How to take advantage of angels

We must learn to walk in the Spirit for us to be able to sustain angelic presence around us. This means to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to avoid life of sin- in our thoughts, actions and speeches. We need to develop that there are angels around us who want to engage with us and help us.

Our lifestyle can either attract or repel angels.

Also, because angels excel in strength, we must take advantage of that during prayer as we empower them to go to work on our behalf. Therefore, without the appropriate atmosphere of prayer and worship, it’s almost impossible for your guardian angels to operate effectively.

Angels wait on God to carry out His bidding on this earth and concerning you. Those who are passionately devoted to living for God will experience angelic visitation.

Importantly, knowing how to rightly ‘command’ guardian and warring angels will be critical in possessing your inheritance and ensuring victory in battles.

A scriptural reference for the angels being under the supervision of God is found in Psalm 103:20;

"Bless the Lord, you His angels, You mighty ones who do His commandments, Obeying the voice of His word!"

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Founder and President, of the King’s International Christian Center, London, United Kingdom and Africa. He is also an author of many books as well as the Chancellor of Kings University.