'Father Mbaka Sit down let me teach you the bible" Popular Apostle says in Viral video


Reverend Father Mbaka has been under fire after he made a U-turn and withdrew his support for President Muhammadu Buhari. Recall that the popular Catholic priest had declared in 2015 that President Buhari was the answer to Nigeria's problems.

Father Mbaka

Another Pastor Apostle Kassy Chukwu has volunteered to teach Father Mbaka the bible.

According to Apostle Kassy Chukwu, God did not choose Saul and latter rejected him as Father Mbaka claimed. He narrated the Bible account in 1st Samuel Chapter 9. According to the Apostle, it was the people of Israel that insisted on having Saul as their King. The people of Israel insisted on having a King even after the Prophet Samuel warned them against having one.

Speaking Further, the Apostle advised the catholic church to suspend Reverend Father Mbaka immediately.

He further disclosed that he was not saying these things out of hate for the Reverend father.

If you are interested you can watch the Full Video here

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