Happening Now: Police Check At Bluepost Road Block, Heavy Congestion Witnessed


Police are very upredictable. When commanded to guard the roadblocks, they took up the roles whole heartedly. The main aim was implement the commander in chief orders on cessation of movement. The public took advantage of their knowledge of footpaths to dodge the roadblocks and gain access to the region ruled out. Those unable to cross through the footpaths have resulted to giving bribe to rogue officers who allow them to pass.

Thika Roadblock is among those which have been busy . GSU Officers have sprung into action and are today in a busy schedule to arrest offenders who are caught giving bribe with and aim of breaking the law. The ongoing operation has resulted to another serious congestion similar to the one witnessed over the weekend.

Their strict check has already been felt with various motorists forced to pack on the road reserves for lack of essential documents, as essential service providers. They will later be charged in a court of law. The public has to be sensitized on the importance of staying at home and avoiding travelling. The heavy congestion currently being witnessed is a clear indication of how people have chosen to disobey government directives

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