"Millicent Omanga Anatesa": Silphrosa Lights Up Social Media After Sharing This Photo


Kenyans normally do hilarious photo editing to various celebrities and politicians. This is a way of making fun. In the latest photo edition, they used three celebrities; Sandra Dacha, Senator Millicent Omanga and Nice Wa Njeri (Shiru).

Sandra laughed off the idea. The fact that she was depicted as being too huge did not make her feel bad. She has always referred to herself as the biggest machine in town. She does not shy away from any aspect of her body. She never minds being trolled by people.

On the other hand, Nice, also came to the comments section and appreciated the creativity. According to her, she looks much better with her new body transformations. She admitted that she has always admired a big body.

Netizens were not left behind. They also came up with different opinions about the photo. Some saying that they had worn cute shoes. However, most of them were seen admiring how Senator Millicent Omanga was hot. She has always attracted admirations every single time she makes a post.

Whom do you think looks much better between the three? Write to us on the comments section below.

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